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Does your child experience a phobia or anxiety towards their dental visits? This may be due to something they may have heard, fear of a stranger putting tools in their mouth, or just general anxiety of a new experience. Here at Robert Rebert, Jr., DDS, we work with children to help them understand the dental process. Follow some of the following tips to prepare them for their dentist visit:

– Establish good habits of brushing twice a day and flossing every day so they know it’s important to take care of their teeth.

– Explain some of the ways dentist go into their mouths by playing with a pretend dental checkup. You can use a mirror or popsicle sticks. This way they can get excited for their real dentist visit!

– Expound on how visiting the dentist twice a year will help prevent cavities and make their teeth healthy and strong.

– Do not inform them of any pain they might experience or tell them of a previous bad experience.

– Read books and/or watch TV episodes of their favorite characters attending the dentist. This helps comfort them knowing these characters can visit the dentist, too.

– Bring a favorite blanket or small toy for them to hold (make sure it can stay out of the dentist and assistant’s way).

– Invite a friend or sibling to join so your child can have another person to help them feel brave and confident.

Our clinic in Metairie, Louisiana makes every effort to provide a safe and comfortable experience for your child while adding an edge of fun to encourage them to continue making good dental choices. Call us at 504-885-7510 to schedule your child’s next appointment so our dental professionals can provide them with their best smile!