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When your teeth are subject to the dangers of plaque and bacteria, your risk for cavities rises. A cavity occurs when a hole has formed in the tooth enamel, leaving your tooth vulnerable to future damage within the root. To treat cavities, dental fillings are used. For a list of guidelines concerning dental fillings, consider this:

– If a dental filling is cracked by an oral accident or injury, it will need to be replaced. Dental amalgams need to be removed before the new filling can be put in place. Composite fillings can be fixed or replaced without removing the old filling.

– If you hope that your dental filling aesthetically complements your natural tooth color, take composites rather than metallic amalgams.

– If you wish to use a dental filling that is mercury-free, select composites rather than amalgams.

– Dental amalgams can be used to correct cavities that are extremely large and difficult to fill effectively with composite fillings. Still, some cavities may be too small for amalgams to work effectively, which instead require composite treatments.

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