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How can you enhance your tooth brushing skills? One easy method is to improve the care you give to your toothbrush itself. If your toothbrush is past its expiration date or has fallen into disrepair, it will not be able to do the job expected of it. Furthermore, if your toothbrush becomes contaminated it could potentially harm your teeth and gums more than it could help.

You cannot expect to clean your teeth properly if your toothbrush cannot function as expected. Keep your toothbrush clean, stored properly, and in good working condition, replacing it as necessary. Listed below are various tips, treatments, and techniques to consider when caring for your toothbrush:

– Avoid cross-contaminating your toothbrush with another, as sharing toothbrushes is the same as sharing bacteria.
– Just as your teeth must stay fresh and clear of debris, so too must your toothbrush. Prevent contamination by keeping your brush aired out and free of closed containers.
– A good toothbrush fits flawlessly in your mouth, has soft bristles, is flexible enough to reach all areas of your mouth, and doesn’t result in wrist pain or discomfort when in use. If you are unable to brush your teeth easily, consider switching to an electric toothbrush.
– Always speak with your dentist to about your toothbrush and toothpaste needs. In addition, look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance on products to ensure they meet the standards set by the American Dental Association for safety and effectiveness.

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