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Do you remember your excitement, as a child, when you tried to fall asleep with a tooth under your pillow anticipating the Tooth Fairy’s arrival? Perhaps now, it is your turn to be a tooth fairy for the children in your life and you want to bring that same excitement and magic that you had to them. Creating the magic can be fun and exciting, and the only limitations of what could be done are the limits you put on your creativity.

One way that the fairy come to life by having the fairy leave a letter, along with the token of payment under the pillow. The letter can comment on the quality of the tooth, congratulate your child on this milestone or even to offer words of encouragement and advice on their dental hygiene habits. Perhaps the fairy might tell your child about what happens to the teeth once they are taken.

You can use free printable borders to decorate the letter. Or you could also use glitter and leave some loose so that it falls like “fairy dust” when your child opens it. Can you imagine your child’s delight as they find their reward and a personalized letter under the pillow the next morning? You might even encourage your child to write a letter back, or to have a “tooth fairy journal” to keep the fairy updated on what has happened to your child’s teeth since the last visit. In doing this, you can have conversations with your child about why brushing and flossing are important.

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