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What do you know what about water flossers? Are you familiar with the new technology that could be used to floss your teeth? If not, then we have exciting news for you! Water flossers is an advanced way to floss your teeth without the annoyance of dental string around your teeth or fingers.

Our dentist, Dr. Robert Rebert, reminds us all to take care of our oral health. Part of your oral health should include flossing daily. That is why our team in Metairie, Louisiana, is thrilled to tell you water flossers.

Here are some basics on water flossers:

– The beam of water used to floss your teeth is an alternative to the traditional string of dental floss that goes around your fingers for those with coordination concerns or doesn’t like dental string.
– Water flossers can clean between your teeth and deep along your gumline using a soft beam of water that can wash the areas your toothbrush can’t reach and clear away plaque, food particles, and bacteria.
– Water flossers can also be helpful for people with dentures, orthodontic aligners, dental crowns, and dental bridges. As a result, water flossers are an effective way to help keep your oral health clean and in tip-top shape.

As you can see, water flossers are ideal for many people because they are easy to use and feels great on your teeth and gums. If you have questions about your oral health, please call us today at 504-885-7510 to make an appointment. Our team of experts at Robert Rebert, Jr., DDS is happy to help you.