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Diet and oral health are closely linked. When it comes to your child, you should watch what she eats for many reasons, including to ensure that her teeth and mouth remain in good shape.

This starts when she is an infant. Her bottle should contain water, milk or breast milk. Sugary drinks can cause problems for her teeth with baby bottle tooth decay. If you put her down for a nap or at bedtime, make sure her bottle contains water, since the liquid in the bottle can pool in her mouth. You should also avoid coating her bottle or pacifier with sugary liquids.

As your child gets older, you need to make sure that she does not get too much sugar in her diet. Sugars and starches can lead to cavities, and while you should limit her sugar intake with between-meal snacks, it will also help to read the ingredients of the food she eats. You may be surprised how much sugar there is in your kitchen or in the store!

A healthy, balanced diet is good for your child’s overall health, but it is also a key factor in her oral health. Carrots, celery and apples, are rich in vitamins, and they also scrub your child’s teeth while she eats them. The vitamin C in oranges are good for your child’s gums. Leafy green vegetables will strengthen tooth enamel with beta-carotene. Yogurt and hard cheeses are great sources of calcium for your child. Hard cheeses will also clean your child’s teeth while she eats.

If you have questions about how your child’s diet and her oral health are connected, or if it is time for her regular cleaning and checkup, get in touch with our dentist, Dr. Robert Rebert. If you live in the Metairie, Louisiana, area, you can make an appointment at Robert Rebert, Jr., DDS by calling 504-885-7510. We look forward to meeting you and your family soon!